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When to Rekey or Replace Locks

02/18/2017 Back To Blog

Taking over a new home, increased security or worn locks can all call for a change. That change may not have to be quite as drastic as replacing the lock entirely, though. Rekeying is an option which exists for most issues, most prominently loss of key control.When to Rekey or Replace Locks

Rekeying for Key Control

As soon as you loan out a key to a friend, family member or contractor, you lose control of the number of keys which are able to open the front door to your home. This does not necessarily mean that extra copies will start popping up right, left and center, but there is a possibility that copies that you do not know about are circulating. This situation puts you and your family at risk, albeit very low at the beginning, and should be considered.

It is not necessary to take these safety measures every time you let someone else use the key to your home, but if a number of people over a number of years have been using it, it may be time to have your lock rekeyed. Likewise, when taking over a new house, you do not know how many copies are out there. In this case, a rekey may also benefit you and reassure you that your house is safe.

When your local locksmith service is rekeying your lock, they have a chance to take a look at the overall state of it. Worn or old locks can both pose a security risk, and be annoying to use.

Replacements Solve Major Issues

If your lock is worn beyond what can easily be mended with some grease and minor adjustments, a complete replacement is recommended. Old and worn locks are not the only ones that people choose to or should have changed, though. Aesthetics, upgrading or accessibility are also very common reasons to get new locks. Upgrades are never discouraged, as better home security benefits and protects the whole family. If one of the residents become disabled or develop mobility issues, a lever handle lock or a lower lock can be necessary.

Asking your local locksmith service is the best way to find out for sure what the best option for you and your family is. Rekeying is the most affordable option, but replacements are often recommended for very specific reasons which should be considered seriously. Take into account how many keys may be in circulation that you do not know about and who are using your locks, and make your decision based on that. Your local locksmith will have access to products and hardware of higher quality than what you can acquire on your own, so make sure to let them know what you are looking for, and they will be able to help you. 

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