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Can you recognize a lock problem immediately? Would you know what to do if the keys were suddenly broken? If you have similar questions, check out the answers below. You will find some very interesting frequently asked questions about keys and locks.

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What do I do when the key gets stuck?

The main thing is to remain calm and never use any force on the key. Our experts say that you must not force the key to turn or forcibly remove it. You must be gentle so the key won't break. This will only give you extra trouble. If the key remains stuck, spray a few drops of lubricant in the keyhole and try again in a few minutes.

What are grade 1, 2, and 3?

The grade of security door locks determines their durability and resistance. It's the grade given by the American National Standards Institute so that people will know what they are buying. Grade one certification is the best option in terms of durability, grade also offers resistant door lock solutions and grade 3 provides average resistance.

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